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Testimonials Reed Consortium LLC


Since middle 1990’s I started working with your company and you helped me sell thousands of products.  As the marketplace changed, your company  kept my advertising working correctly.  You gave me marketing techniques I never would have received anywhere else.  Grant G.

I am a new client for only four months and I am thrilled with the results so far. What was promised to me and what was delivered was more than expected. Robert C.

My business has never been better.  The Pandemic had me worried but your proven methods have saved my 20 years business.  My family thanks you.  James S.

I do not understand how you do it, but once again your service made my web site catapult to the top.  My sincere thanks.  Theresa L.

You really over provided what you guaranteed.  That is a first for any company I previously used online.  Your new lifetime customer.  Eddie A.


My company has used Mr. Reed’s advertising and marketing services many times over the years and each time was a complete success. From building web sites, to helping develop sales, to helping control costs, you have been a huge asset. W.K

Great company with real results, I really appreciate your services.  Juan M.

I have followed your technics for many years and it has been very successful and economically rewarding.  A hands on company caring about the customer succeeding. You treated me like a human, not a number and the results show it. Kim B.

I bought your Guaranteed web site placement program and could not be happier.  My site actually gained even higher status than you guaranteed.  Thanks for the extra help, well worth the money for the results.  T.S.

Skeptical was my attitude when I bought your guarantee web positioning, but within 74 days you reached your goal with 26 days to spare.  Great work and delivered ahead of schedule.  Perfect business experience.  Elaine R


For 10+ years I have followed the marketing / advertising program your company has designed for me. My company has sold many products online and off line for higher profits, thanks.  Jeff A.

You are the third company in two years I have hired to help me develop my web site and hopefully make it profitable. Last month it was profitable for the first time, and I owe it all to the personal instructions and help you guys have given me. George S.

I bought your DA DR program and really did not understand it.  But truthfully I have not fully understood all the other projects I have bought over the years, but I know they worked.  Once again, I was not disappointed, it has really skyrocketed my web site positions.  Thks Donald R.

Great service, awesome staff, thanks for the boost my web site got with you programs.  Linda S.

***** (Hundreds of other testimonials we have received over the years are available, but space only allows a few to be displaced. )