Services of Reed Consortium LCC


We are proud to offer small, medium or large advertising campaigns, something to fix every company needs and economics. We can create the “just right” program for your company needs. Prices start at $750 per month minimum, 1 year contract.


Developing a sound SEO (Search Engine Optimization) program and maintaining a good web position above your competition is very time consuming.  It is never ending as 12,000 new web sites are created daily.  Be in front of your competition or be left behind.  Minimum account is $550 per month, 6 month contract.

Hosting can host small, medium and large size corporate Windows servers and provide extremely high speed connections with endless avenues of backup. Whether you need 1 server or 50 racks, we can help. $150 Month and up.

Private Business Training

Each year for the past 20+ years the owner of Reed Consortium, LLC selects a few clients to become an overall Internet trainer for their business. The training process is excellent for a new person introductory level or for a seasoned professional needing more help. P.O.R.

Web Site Development

Reed Consortium,LLC owns and operates 800+ web sites and has developed 100’s of web sites for clients. We build state-of-the-art proven results web sites with and without all the bells and whistles to match your needs. Database and online commerce sites available. Prices start at $750


Our clients enjoy a positive result with their ROI, (return on investment) when they follow our strategies and marketplace experiences. Utilizing our state-of-the-art digital approach gives you an edge over your competition. Prices start at $500 per month minimum and one year.


Tell us your immediate and long term needs and the amount of money needed to reach your goal. We have partnerships worldwide in a wide array of business categories. Let us talk and develop a solution to finding the money you need, the funding is closer than you dreamed.

Power Listings

The art of making sure power listings are accurate and universal among hundreds of key database and search engines are a must in today’s digital world. Get your power listings accurate before your web site can be an asset. Cost is $999 and up plus updates.

Social Media

Social Media is a industry all by itself. Reed Consortium, LLC helps you manage the vast options of Social Media web sites while simultaneously helping you attract new clients. You do not have to be an expert in any Social Media site to reap the benefits. P.O.R.

Press Releases – Articles

For those interested in getting the word out to all various forms of the media or a specific niche market, we at Reed Consortium, LLC stand ready to write and or submit your next press release or article submission for that special upcoming event. Cost starts at $195 per month.

Affiliate Programs

Reed Consortium, LLC works on a cost per Affiliate recruited. Depending on specific needs of your company, qualifications, and products / services being sold, we can develop a cost effective Affiliate Program to enhance your company into the sales you deserve.

Internet Commerce

Reed Consortium, LLC can build you the perfect online commerce site web site for your needs. Whether you are a first time seller online needing everything or you need a revamping of your existing online web site commerce, we stand ready. Prices start at $900 depending on your needs.

USA Representation

Reed Consortium, LLC over the years has represented numerous foreign companies desiring a USA office and/or a distribution center. Simultaneously, we can also help USA companies establish a foreign distribution program in many countries. P.O.R.

Newsletter Development

Many companies need a newsletter to be sent regularly to their clients and/or their employees. We can help develop and maintain all your newsletter needs including mass sending email newsletters. A quality email newsletter is an excellent source of communication. P.O.R.

Other Services

Other Services are a myriad of proven promotional, marketing, advertising, and numerous proprietary methods to increase the income stream of an online business while simultaneously keeping costs inline and within a budget. P.O.R.

Marketing & Advertising More Options 702-210-4201

Web Site Ranking Guaranteed Results – 100%
Money Back – Web Results – DA & DR Increase

Whether your web site is brand new or very old, we can solve your DA & DR issues by raising your score.  Our Service is “easy to understand” but extremely difficult to execute . . .  We do NOT touch your web site. We do not want access to your web site. We perform all our work throughout the world without once touching anything belonging to you. P.O.R.  (For more information, click here.)

Business Consulting – Create New / Resurrect Old

Whether you have a new idea for a company or you own an existing company in need of rebuilding to a more profitable result, we can help. With over 40-years of experience in helping companies in USA as well as worldwide companies, we stand ready to solve your business obstacles and place your company on the road to better profits. Free introductory 1-hour consultation is available allowing you to fully understand how we can help your company. P.O.R. Changes the World After many months of planning, construction, testing and customer evaluations, is ready to be implemented into full operational status. This web site will change the way USA buyers as well as worldwide buyers obtain products manufactured in the United States. This web site stands ready to assist the 29 million USA manufactures while using high tech components while maintaining an easy-to-use web site. As this time we are looking for one or two patriotic investors who want to help USA retain manufacturing jobs and make money at the same time. Ten percent, (10%) of the company will be sold for $500,000.00. This money will be used to retire a small amount of debt and the balance to be used for operating expenditures in the future. If you are interested in helping restore the USA manufacturing sector and have a desire for huge potential income and more, call Richard Reed at 702-210-4201.